County Meet Details *IMPORTANT*


IT'S HERE!  The meet we have all been waiting for...the Gwinnett County Championship Meet!  We are looking forward to seeing our swimmers compete in the big pool.  This will be a fun weekend for all. 

This email is FULL of information for this weekend.  There will also be banquet information at the end.  Please read everything carefully, as there are new protocols and requirements of us this year.  There are several supporting documents attached to this email.  Please make sure to review all of them and complete the required forms.  

Upon arrival for each session, our coaches, swimmers, and volunteers will meet up outside of the front of the building.  We will try to use the same location for drop off.  We will try to use that location for each session.  We will all walk in together, as instructed by the league.  If you are late to our meet up, you risk missing your warm up because you will have to wait until a team coach or volunteer can come escort your swimmer.  

Swimmers should arrive ready to swim, with one personal bag, which they will be required to transport themselves.  The bag must be of the size that will fit under their chair in the team area.  Unlike years past, our team area is in the seating section (103), not on the pool deck.  There are no concessions available at this meet.  They are welcome to bring a snack and drink, and small items to occupy themselves.  We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.  If you send electronics, please send headphones.  

For those concerned about younger swimmers, they will not walk anywhere unescorted.  That includes all swimmers 12 and under.  They will be escorted everywhere in the building and will not be allowed to freely roam.  Your children will be safe and monitored well.  We understand your concern and want to assure you that there are many people assigned to guarantee their safety, both by the league and by our team.  

Parking is a really big deal this year.  We have been asked to stress the importance to you that you MUST park in the student lot across the street.  Anyone parked outside of that area will be towed.  There is a diagram attached.  

We have been told that there is a wonderful seating area outside the new student center next door to the pool facility.  There is a great wi-fi signal there. There are restrooms inside that building that you are permitted to use.  Please feel free to take advantage of that!  

The details of our meet up and warm up times are below:
Session 1 - Friday PM
Meet Up: 3:30
Warm Up: 4:30

Session 2 - Saturday AM
Meet Up: 7:00 am
Warm Up: 8:00 am

Session 3 - Saturday PM
Meet Up: 1:00
Warm Up: 2:00

Session 4 - Sunday AM
8 & Under
Meet Up: 7:00
Warm Up: 8:00

Session 5 - Sunday PM
Meet Up: 12:30
Warm Up: 1:30

Again, all coaches, swimmers, and volunteers must meet up and check in together.  Volunteers will receive badges either from the coaches (team area/bullpen) or at check in (all other volunteers).  PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE.  You will be left.  Sorry to have to be so rigid, but we are following the guidelines of the league.  

The list of assigned volunteer positions is attached to this email.  Reminder: Team Area/Bullpen people will receive their badges at the team meet up.  All other volunteers will receive credentials when we check in.  

ALL ADULTS (ages 18 and over) who are entering the building must review the attached MAAPP and then complete the form to turn in at check in.  If you do not have this document, you cannot enter the building.  If you forget the document, they will have blank ones for you, but that will slow the process.  

River Oak Photography will be onsite.  Advanced reservations are required for them to take actions shots of your swimmer.  Please go to: riveroakphotography.com/reserve-online/gcsl and if you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Live Streaming of the meet will be available at https://www.swimatlanta.com/news#113

Heat sheets for the meet are attached.

The league protocols, maps, etc. are attached.  Please review this document for all league level protocols, and this email for team level protocols.  

County meet merchandise will be given our at the Pasta Pot Luck today and at practice tonight. 

Team banquet/pool party forms are attached.  Please complete and turn yours in quickly.  You are welcome to turn them in at the luncheon today, practice tonight, or any other time in the payment box in the foyer of the clubhouse.  We WILL NOT be taking them at the county meet.  

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason during the meet, please call or text Adrienne during AM sessions, or Amy during PM sessions.  We will be sending out Remind messages to keep you updated on drop off timing and any other group information.  
Adrienne - 770-712-9499
Amy - 225-588-8887

We have tried to include everything you will need for the county meet and banquet today.  If we have missed anything, please email [email protected] to let us know.  We can always send out another email.  

We are looking forward to a GREAT weekend!

Adrienne & Amy
[email protected]

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