Sharks - Meet 1

Meet One Theme – Red, White, and Blue

Let’s celebrate with patriotic shirts, hats, towels, chairs, beads, whatever you have.
Dress up, and have some fun! Show us your creativity and you might find yourself on our Facebook page or in the slide show at the end of the season.

Our first meet is already here! This is a Time Trials meet with individual swims only.  Only our swimmers will participate. We will run it during our practice hours. We are looking forward to a great meet with lots of fun. We have included a lot of important information in this email, so please read it thoroughly. Also, check out the Meet 101 page on our website for lots of great tips and helpful information. We hope to make this a fun and easy process for everyone. First time swim team parents...it may look like chaos this first week, but don't worry! We are here to help you learn to love it.

It is very important to note that our meet schedule is dictated by GCSL. Everything will be prompt. Please make sure to allow plenty of time to have your swimmer prepared.

Warmups begin promptly at 6:45. We will split the kids into at least two groups for warming up. We ask that you have your swimmers ready by 6:40, with their name and events marked up. The heat sheet is attached to this email. If you are unsure how to mark up, please make sure to read the Meets 101 part of the website. It will show you how to do it.

For this meet, all seating will be inside the pool area. We will not have concessions, so please feel free to bring snacks and drinks for the kiddos. Please remember there are a few things we cannot allow on the pool deck. Those include no glass containers as well as no smoking or vaping.

*Please Note*  
Meal service is available for dinner, and yes there is a kid friendly 'pool menu' with all of the classics.  However, we are no longer allowing club charging. Please be prepared to pay with cash or a card.

All swimmers must stay in the team area unless they are staging for a race. They will be called for their races in the team area only. If they are not present, they may miss a race. If you have young swimmers, please plan to stay with them in the team area.

Parents, please bring chairs for seating, as the loungers will not be available. Please do not try to set up on the pool deck during lessons. Any chairs set up during lessons will be moved.

Please check the work assignment list attached to this email. All meet workers are required to check in with the volunteer coordinator upon arrival at the table just inside the pool gate as you enter. Please be aware of the policy regarding missed work shifts. If you do not show for your scheduled shift, your swimmer(s) will not be allowed to participate in the meet. If necessary, the swimmer(s) would be held from the next meet.

When you are working your shift, children are not allowed to attend with you. And, please do not leave your assignment. First half workers are allowed to leave their position when the second half relief shows up, and second half workers are allowed to leave their post (in most cases) when the meet is over. If you are timing, you cannot leave your lane for any reason during your session. If you do not have a swimmer in your lane, you are supposed to start your watch and provide back up if a timer near you needs it. If you 'abandon your post' your swimmer is subject to a related suspension from events. We are very sorry to have to enforce this policy, but in order to run swim meets, everyone has to help. We appreciate your understanding.

Fun practice will be held on Saturday at 1:30. We will give out meet awards, eat donuts, and have lots of fun with teammates and coaches.

Please make sure you are subscribed for team text messages! To do so, simply text @schsharks to 81010. If there is a weather-related delay during practice or a meet, that is the quickest way we can communicate with you.

Team t-shirts and caps will be distributed at practice. If your child does not normally attend practice, please come by to pick these items up. If you miss getting them at practice, we will have them at the  meet.

If you have a Senior on the team and would like for him/her to participate in the Senior swim at the beginning of our final home meet, please email [email protected] to reserve a lane.

Attachments to this email include: event sheet, heat sheet, and volunteer assignments.

If you have questions, please see a parent board member on the pool deck, or feel free to email us. We are here to help you!

Adrienne & Amy
[email protected]

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