Extra Notes for the Meet

Our gracious hosts sent us a couple of notes for the meet.  Please take note. 

As we prepare for tonight:

1. They are paving Hewatt Rd which runs right outside of our neighborhood. They have been finishing each day by 4-5pm, but we are often down to 1 lane when they are working. It is sure to be great when finished, but please allow a little extra time to make it to the pool.

2. It is going to be blazing hot!! There is room on the visitor side (bull pen and spectator areas) for those like 10x10 tents. We do not have any extra, but feel free to bring some and we can help you to set them up. We are reminding our parents to bring plenty of cold water and hats, umbrellas, etc. Concessions will have lots of cold drinks, but it is going to be a scorcher especially for those of us not swimming. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.  See you at the pool!


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