County Meet Info - Timely Response Required

We have reached a very exciting time in the season!

The Gwinnett County Swim League holds a Championship Meet at the end of every season at Georgia Tech. This year that meet will be held July 8-10. Swimmers qualify for participation in the championship by scoring in the top 50 times in an individual event. Each team submits entries for swimmers in the top 100 times of each event. When swimmers across the county elect to participate in certain events, it creates scratch positions where they were otherwise qualified. Those positions then get filled by the qualified swimmers behind them. Some events have scratched over 25 or more places! So, if your swimmer is listed in the top 100, please let us know quickly if they will be available to participate in the Championship Meet.

The preparation for the County Meet, there is a quick turnaround for all information, forms, etc. We do not have control over those timelines. They are set by the league and we release them as quickly as possible.

The participation permission form is attached to this email. This form must be completed and returned in order for your swimmer to be entered in the meet. Please keep in mind, this permission form does not guarantee your swimmer a place in the meet. It simply gives us permission to enter the swimmer. The final Top 50 qualifiers will make up the county meet competitors. We have no way of knowing who those swimmers will be until the league releases them to us. There is a quick deadline for this form to be submitted. Please return it NO LATER THAN JUNE 28. Please drop them in the box in the foyer of the clubhouse or email them to [email protected]. They MUST be hand signed forms. Please complete one form per swimmer. Please do not simply email us with permission.  We must also have an attached form.  

The top 100 qualifiers are attached to this email. If your swimmer is qualified, please return the form quickly. If your swimmer is qualified in more than 3 individual events, please choose the events they would like to swim. If there is no specification, they will entered in the three highest qualified events. Also attached are the proposed relay entries. If you see more than four names listed, that means medley and free relays will be made up of different swimmers. Please look to see if your swimmer is listed and let us know if they will be available to participate.

Just as in regular season meets, we are required to fill volunteer positions. The jobs are assigned to our team by the league. When the league releases our assignments, they will be filled by those who have swimmers participating in the session. The great thing about these assignments is that they get you much closer to the action than sitting in the stands.

We will continue to hold practice for all swimmers in the Top 100 of any event. When the league releases the official county meet participants, we will inform those swimmers who will not be participating in the meet, and they will not be required to attend practice.

If you would like to purchase County Meet merchandise, please go to https://stores.inksoft.com/2022_gcsl/shop/home and make your purchase by June 28.

We will NOT practice on July 4th.

If you have questions, please see a parent board member on the pool deck, or feel free to call or email us. We are here to help you!

See you at the pool,

Adrienne & Amy
[email protected]

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