County Meet Forms Due TOMORROW


We are so excited to be moving into such an exciting time in the season!  We have important information for you.  Please make sure to read it fully.

The County Meet participation permission form is attached to this email. This form must be completed and returned in order for your swimmer to be entered in the meet. Please keep in mind, this permission form does not guarantee your swimmer a place in the meet. It simply gives us permission to enter the swimmer. The final Top 50 qualifiers will make up the county meet competitors. We have no way of knowing who those swimmers will be until the league releases them to us.

There is a quick deadline for this form to be submitted. Please return it NO LATER THAN JUNE 28 via email to [email protected]. It MUST be hand signed forms. Please complete one form per swimmer. Please do not simply email us with permission. We must also have an attached form.

The top 100 qualifiers and relays are attached. If your swimmer is qualified or entered on a relay, please complete the form with a Yes or No for their participation. If your swimmer is qualified in more than 3 individual events, please choose the events they would like to swim. If there is no specification, they will entered in the three highest qualified events.

All swimmers listed in the Top 100 or on a relay should go to practice.  Other swimmers won't practice for the remainder of the season.  Practice times are the same as normal season.  

Late forms cannot be accepted due to the deadline given to us by the league. Please remember to send the completed forms to [email protected]. The date and time stamp on that email address will be your official submission date and time.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  

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