County Meet Details - *Important*

It's here!  The excitement of the GCSL Championship Meet is in full force.  We are eager to watch the swimmers, and enjoy the weekend with our Sharks family.  Here are some very important details you will need in order to navigate the weekend. 

Please make sure to have your swimmer(s) ready to swim and in the team area at least 20 minutes prior to their assigned warmup time.  Make sure to allow for plenty of time to park and walk to the venue.  Once inside, please have your younger swimmers (10 and under) use the restroom and then mark them up before dropping them off with coaches.  For an 8:00 warmup, you will probably need to arrive by 7:00 to make sure you have enough time to have your swimmer completely prepared, marked up, and delivered to a coach before 7:40. Older (11 and over) swimmers can go to the team area unescorted once they are prepared.  

Swimmers should have a bag with all items required for their session.  That includes cap, goggles, towel, and any other items they may need.  Some swimmers bring small games, cards, etc. to help pass the time.  We encourage you to not send electronics with younger swimmers.  Damage or loss of any items is not our responsibility.  Swimmers are also permitted to bring a snack and/or drink in their bag.  Everything should fit into one bag/backpack that the swimmer is able to transport on their own.  

The Psych Sheet is attached to this email.  It will tell you the events your swimmer is participating in, and where they are ranked in each event.  All of the Sharks are highlighted in yellow.  Heat sheets will be sold at the meet for $10, cash only.  Or, you may pre-purchase before noon tomorrow at the following link: https://www.gwinnettswimleague.com/county-merchand...
We encourage you to arrive early to get a heat sheet!  

A Meet Schedule is also attached.  This is a snapshot of the weekend and important information for our activities.  We cannot stress it enough, swimmers should arrive ready to swim, marked up, and in the team area at least 20 minutes prior to warmup time.  Coaches will meet young swimmers and escort them to the team area.  Due to MAAPP safety restrictions, parents are not permitted on the pool deck.  

A special reminder regarding MAAPP/Safe Sport regulations: adults are also prohibited from taking pictures on the pool deck.  This includes coaches, volunteers, or other meet officials. Swimmers are allowed to take pictures of each other.  Please use the upstairs and outside areas to take pictures of your swimmer(s).

If you would like action pictures of your swimmer(s), you may reach out to River Oak Photography to reserve your swimmer's events. Go to https://riveroakphotography.com/reserve-online/gcs... and get these amazing action shots. 

The Georgia Tech Aquatics Center is at 750 Ferst Drive in Atlanta.  Parking details will be released soon.  All parking near the facility is paid.  Expect it to be around $15.  There is usually an option to pre-pay for a discount.  We will send that out as soon as we get the link. 

Tickets to the event will be given out at the Pot Luck Pasta Dinner on Thursday evening.  Your envelope will contain tickets for all sessions in which you have swimmer(s). They are assigned to a specific section, which is not the same for each session. The league gives us a limited number of tickets for seating. We have no control over what they give us.  We have distributed them as evenly as possible.  If you have tickets you do not plan to use, please give them back to us so that we can share them with those who would like to have extra.  

Speaking of the Pasta Dinner, remember Thursday is the night!  All swimmers will practice together at 6:00 and then we will feed those hungry swimmers at 7:00.  Bring your favorite pasta, salad, bread, or dessert items.  Please bring them to the weight room by 6:30.  Please go to the team website to RSVP, and sign up for a shift to help us out.  The RSVP is just to give us a head count so that we are prepared with enough paper products and drinks. When reserving, please include everyone in your family who will be eating.   

If the league releases any additional or updated information, we will get it to you as quickly as possible.  Please check your email frequently and watch for Remind messages.  

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

We will see you at the pool!

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