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Parent Volunteer Information

GCSL is an all volunteer league.  Our team runs smoothly because of the enthusiastic participation of each of our families.  A schedule of this season's jobs and assignments will be sent out prior to the first meet.  

Here is a brief overview of what we do to help run each meet.  

All families will be assigned at least three or four work shifts, depending on the size of the team. A work shift is one-half of a meet and should be worked by an adult member of the assigned family. Children may not accompany the adult for a work session. Failure to show for an assigned work session will result in the swimmers of that family will not be allowed to participate in the meet.

Volunteer Coordinator (Filled)
This person monitors volunteer related activities, sends reminder emails regarding work sessions, and attends each meet to sign-in all volunteers and to ensure each position is filled. This is a season-long commitment and is considered a leadership role.

Scoring Room Computer Operations 
This position requires training classes and is not a great place to start for new swim families. If you are interested, please contact Adrienne at schsharks.gmail.com.

Ribbon Coordinator (Filled)
For home and away meets, this individual takes the printed labels/results from the computer operator and affixes them to the appropriate ribbon. Each team is responsible for their ribbon management. After ribbons are ready, each ribbon is placed in the folder/box for each family.

Team Area
The team area volunteers supervise swimmers in the designated team area to always ensure safety and provide general assistance to team area coach.

Bullpen volunteers work with team area coach to organize swimmers for their events and facilitate the smooth and timely transition to the staging area.

Volunteers align swimmers for their races, making sure each swimmer is in the correct lane, correct heat and correct event. This includes multiple event organization and quick response to adjustments made on the pool deck. This can be a fast-paced position with lots of noise.

Home Meet Set Up/Clean Up
Volunteers split duties between set up and clean up. Those with younger swimmers are given the early shift, and those with older swimmers the later. Duties include helping coaching staff and parent board with setting up pool deck and team area prior to the beginning of each home meet; followed by the complete clean up and restoration following the completion of each meet. Set up requires arrival and work session at least one hour prior to the start of the meet; clean up requires work session up to one hour following the end of the meet.

Deck Support
Volunteers provide general support on deck for board members and leadership volunteers.

Head Timer (Filled)
This person is responsible for meet day timing activities like conducting pre-meet discussions with SCH and visiting timers (home meets only). These are to be done with the Starter and Head Official included.

During the meet, the head timer works with the opposing team’s head timer to monitor the times from each race. There should be no more than a .2 (two-tenths of a second) difference between both recorded times. The times of the swimmers have implications for the County Meet. If there is a problem with a timer accomplishing his/her task, the head timer instructs and supports that timer until mastery is complete.

This role is considered a leadership position.

Timer (Team training required)
Two timers are responsible for taking the time of a swimmer or relay team in their assigned lane: one from each team. The home timer records the times taken and will have a time sheet ready for the Runner.

The runner is responsible for picking up the recorded time sheets from the timers and delivering them to the scoring room.

Stroke and Turn Judge
This is a certified position which requires training. If you are interested in certifying and training for this position, please contact Amy at [email protected].

Starter (Filled)
This is a certified position. If you are interested in certifying and training for this position, please contact Amy at [email protected]

Head Official (Filled)
This is a certified position and experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge.

Announcing (Filled)
The announcer informs those in attendance of vital information via a sound system on the pool deck. This position is for home meets only.

Event Chart
This role is in assistance to the starter and informs those in attendance of the event being contested via flip chart.

Contact Information
Amy Hebert
Adrienne Levesque
[email protected]

Stroke and Turn Officials having fun at an away meet!

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Contact Information

Summit Chase
3197 Classic Drive
Snellville, GA  30078

Council Members
Adrienne Levesque & Amy Hebert
[email protected]

Parent Board
Adrienne Levesque, Amy Hebert, Terry Campbell, Travis Mann, Brian Christopherson, and Joy Hurd

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